Haou Rougetsusou (ToV)

Haou Rougetsusou as it appears in Tales of Vesperia.

Haou Rougetsusou (覇王籠月槍?, "Supreme Ruler Cage Moon Spear") is Judith's second mystic arte, exclusive to the PlayStation 3 port of Tales of Vesperia.

Arte Description and History

When this arte is activated, Judith delivers a series of kicks and slashes to the enemy before leaving it suspended in a field of energy. She then charges her spear with the power of the moon before hurling it at the foe, piercing through the enemy while leaving an afterimage of the moon. In Tales of Link, Judith originally uses Haou Rougetsusou during a cutscene, but this was changed to Sundering Moon in localization.


Mothership Titles

Mobile Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of Vesperia (PS3)

Japanese Quote: 行くわよ!我に仇なす者を…冥府へ送りし、朧月の棺!覇王!籠月槍ぉ!!
Romanized Quote: Ikuwa yo! Ware ni adanasu mono wo... Meifu he okurishi, oborodzuki no hitsugi! Haou! Rougetsusou!!
Translated Quote: "Here I go! I'll send my foes to hell in a coffin of the hazy moon! Haou! Rougetsusou!!"

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