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Harold Berselius
Harold Berselius
Game Tales of Destiny 2
Hometown Radisrol
Age 23
Weight 77 lbs / 35 kg
Height 4'11" / 149 cm
Race Human
Weapon Rod / Knives
Japanese Voice Actor Akiko Hiramatsu
This article is about the scientist who invented the Swordians. For the character who goes by the same last name, see Karell Berselius.

Harold Belserius (ハロルド・ベルセリオス Harorudo Beruseriosu?) is the creator of the Swordians, and because of her name and accomplishments, she is often believed to be a man, but this does not bother her in the least. She was a major character during the Aeth'er Wars, as she turned the tides of the fight by developing powerful Lens-based swords called Swordians.


After meeting Kyle Dunamis and the others by chance, the party was astounded to know that she was the Harold Berselius, the creator of Swordians, as everyone supposed that it was a man rather than a woman. She claimed to have intentionally used a man's name to "fool historians", though everyone else deems it simple, childish stupidity. Due to the twisted timeline she lived in, Barbatos Goetia, who should of have been dead, was alive and disrupting the plans of the Radisrol team to attack Dycroft, thus without Kyle and the other's intervention. Therefore, it would instead lead to the war being won by the Dycroft, with Barbatos as "the hero".

After Barbatos kidnapped Atwight, Harold prepared herself to develop the Swordians. Before doing so, however, she fueled within Kyle a desire to rescue Atwight, telling him that she was Dymlos's lover, and that he could not do anything to help her. Kyle and the others fell into a trap, but Harold ultimately saved everyone by giving Dymlos his Swordian, leading to Barbatos's defeat. Prior to the final attack to the Dycroft, Judas informed Kyle that the death of Harold's brother was written in history, but they would not intervene with its occurrence so to avoid distorting time further. After the death of her brother, Harold joined Kyle's team to take on Barbatos, and ultimately Fortuna, in order to restore the proper flow of her time.

Appearance and Personality

Harold Concept

Official concept artwork of Harold.

Harold is a wacky scientist and eccentric genius. She thinks of everything in terms of her research, and is all but helpless in non-academic affairs. This makes her seem childish and unpredictable, but she is also very perceptive. She is obsessed with her research to the point that she would add paralyzing pills into food just to have a body to experiment, even if it was her own friend. She is very smart and often is the first to realize what is going on, and what the enemy forces have planned. She tends to joke a lot around Loni Dunamis and Judas, the latter of whom can never win a dispute against Harold.

Fighting Style

Harold is an offense-oriented magic user who equips rods in her main hand and daggers in her off-hand. Due to her superior intelligence, she is the most powerful magic user in the game, while being significantly less potent in close-ranged combat. She can cast the healing spells Cure and Resurrection, but she is unable to resurrect allies like Reala, since she lacks the Raise Dead spell. One of her abilities allows her to automatically identify a new enemy.

Other Appearances

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology

In Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology, Harold is a scientist in Gavada, but has disappeared because she opposed Aurora. The Protagonist and Mormo eventually finds her in the Aelderwood, where she is unconscious. However, she wakes up and steals Mormo's sandwich. This is how the rivalry between Mormo and her begins. It becomes even further hilarious in a few more skits while the Protagonist walks through Gavada throughout the rest of the game.

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2

Harold makes a return in Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2 as a playable character. Harold is first met when the Protagonist, along with Nanaly Fletcher, Kyle, and Reala go to the Lava Cavern. When they find her, she is conducting research and collecting samples. Harold tells them she found all the things she needed and goes to the Van Eltia and takes current residence on the ship. Harold is always seen talking to Raine Sage, Philia Felice, and Jade Curtiss inside the laboratory of the ship. In some scenes later in the game, she is seen talking Shoh Corron, but somehow ends up insulting him.

Tales of VS.

Harold appears in Tales of VS. as a playable character. During the events of the game she is paired up with Nanaly, and researches Swordians for the kingdom of Nidhogg. She can be unlocked by completing side events during the Yuri Lowell and Farah Oersted story, and the Mao and Caius Qualls story. Her capabilities are essentially the same as in her original appearance, except her mystic arte no longer involves summoning abilities, but rather the full Crazy Comet extension chain.


Harold Status (ToVS).png
Harold's status image in Tales of VS. 


  • In Tales of Xillia, there is item called "Harold Mask", which depicts Harold's face.

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