Harsh Rebuttal (ToG)

Harsh Rebuttal as it appears in Tales of Graces ƒ.

Harsh Rebuttal (説破 Seppa?, "Theory Break") is an assault-style arte used by Richard in Tales of Graces and a martial arte used by Velvet Crowe in Tales of Berseria.

Arte Description and History

In Tales of Graces, Richard slashes his rapier upward, leaping into the air in a spinning manner, emitting a surging wind around his form. While in the air, he spins clockwise while slashing his blade, conjuring a powerful whirlwind. In Tales of Berseria, Velvet strikes her left leg horizontally to the right twice, then follows with a full-spin clockwise kick while trailing her leg on the ground. In the Nintendo Wii version of Tales of Graces, this arte is effective against humans, with added effectiveness to spirits in the PlayStation 3 version. In Tales of Berseria, this arte is effective against therians and has a chance to inflict the "Stun" status ailment.


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