Hellawes (ToB) 1
Game Tales of Berseria
World Desolation
Region Northgand
Ruler Teresa Linares
The seaside principal city of Northgand. The city acts as a major trading hub, sending the resources of the north to the rest of the kingdom.

Hellawes, Tranquil Boreal Capital (静かなる北の都ヘラヴィーサ?) is a location in Tales of Berseria. It is a city situated on Northgand's western peninsula, on its eastern coast. It is governed by Teresa Linares.


During Velvet Crowe, Rokurou Rangetsu, and Magilou's escape from the prison island of Titania, they land in Northgand's western peninsula in the west. From there, they head to the nearest town in search of a ship that will take them to Loegres and sneak into Hellawes, following a malak boy through a hidden passageway into the town's port warehouse.

While searching the town, they come across an exorcist praetor of the Abbey, Teresa Linares, who foresees all actions and is the city's commandant. The shipping guild causes a commotion about a man called Dyle and are blaming him for the workload being left to them in his absence. Teresa questions Velvet about her temperature coinciding with her loose and revealing outfit before taking her leave.

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