Dreadfall (飛連斬 Hirenzan?, "Flying Ream Slash") is a base arte primarily associated with Judas from Tales of Destiny 2.

Arte Description and History

When this arte is activated, the user performs two rising slashes into the air before dropping back to the ground. In Tales of Destiny 2, this attack can be extended into Hirensousen if the Skill Enchant "Tsuika Tokugi" (追加特技?) is attached to Hirenzan.

This arte is a reference to Swallow Dance, which is part of Leon Magnus's original movelist in the PlayStation version of Tales of Destiny. While Leon would kick upward in the air, Judas slashes upward with his sword and dagger, lacking the final downward thrust at the end of the attack. Hirenzan would later serve as the origin of the need for a weakened version of Swallow Dance, later introduced in Tales of Symphonia as Swallow Kick, with both attacks dealing less hits than the original Swallow Dance.

In the PlayStation 2 remakes of Tales of Destiny, Hirenzan is referenced again through Hienrenzan, which replaces and mirrors Leon's original Swallow Dance as an entirely sword-based variation of the attack. This establishes a new progression of artes in the Swallow Dance family, in which Hirenzan leads into the more advanced Hienrenzan, the same way that Swallow Kick leads into Swallow Dance.


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