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A House of Salvation is one of many buildings scattered around Sylvarant where weary travelers can rest and practice their faith in Martel during long pilgrimages.


Iselia House

Along the route between Iselia and Triet is a House of Salvation where some person informs the party about the "Long-Range Mode" function that is available on the world map, and other gameplay-related things while Lloyd Irving and Genis Sage are looking for the Chosen.

Palmacosta House

On the path between Palmacosta and Hakonesia Peak is a House of Salvation where several things happen. When the party first enters the building, they can see Sheena Fujibayashi praying at its altar, and the group has the option to talk to her or not. After Magnius is forced out of Palamcosta, a guard asks the group to postpone their Journey of World Regeneration to save a group of travelers. Later, to see the Book of Regeneration, the group can talk to the priest to try to get the statue, they are informed that he left it at Thoda Geyser.

Luin Houses

Two other Houses of Salvation exist, between Asgard and Luin, and between Luin and Hima.

Thoda Dock House

At Thoda Dock, south of the Palmacosta House is another House of Salvation where the group must pay 200 Gald for using washtubs to get to Thoda Geyser.

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