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Hyperresonance (TotA)

Hyperresonance as it appears in Tales of the Abyss.

Hyperresonance (超振動 Choushindou?) is a powerful ability used in Tales of the Abyss, which occurs when two Seventh Fonists use their abilities together. The ability allows its users to tear apart the fonons of an object and reconstruct them. Normally, it requires two Seventh Fonists to cause a single hyperresonance, but Luke fon Fabre and Asch can cause them on their own. One hyperresonance occurred between Luke and Tear Grants when she broke into his mansion at the beginning of the story.


Hyperresonance is seen as a dangerous ability, as it normally is unable to be controlled. Jade Curtiss explains that it is an ability so powerful, it is nearly useless in battle because it would completely disintegrate everything within range. In fact, it was an artificially-induced hyperresonance, roughly forty-percent of the power of a true hyperresonance, that destroyed the entire island of Hod. A second, more powerful form of this power is known as second-order hyperresonance. In addition to the capabilities of normal hyperresonace, second-order hyperresonance has the ability to completely neutralize any fonon. It is first used by Luke on Eldrant when the party is caught in a trap set by Sync, and it is used once more during his battle with Van Grants to purge Lorelei from Van's body. Luke is the only character known to be able to use this ability, and he only gains the ability after absorbing Asch's power. Unlike a normal hyperresonance, Luke is able to call upon and control this power at will.

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