Immortal Phoenix (遥翔天凰斬 Youshou Ten'ouzan?, "Far Soaring Celestial Phoenix Slash") is the mystic arte of Chalcedony Akerman from Tales of Hearts.

Arte Description and History

In the original Nintendo DS release of Tales of Hearts, this arte is only available during the final fight against Chalcedony, used as an enemy arte against the party, while the PlayStation Vita remake, Tales of Hearts R, reintroduces this attack as Chalcedony's mystic arte as both an enemy and ally. Upon activation, Chalcedony flies into the air to taunt the enemy, then he quickly descends and strikes at the target from below to launch it into the air. He follows the enemy and keeps it trapped with a chain of slashes, followed by multiple thrusts in alternating directions as he dashes through the target, generating a whirlwind around the enemy. Finally, he soars upward, brandishing his blade in front of him before descending once more, striking the enemy with a powerful slash augmented with the resulting wind shear.


Mothership Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of Hearts

Japanese Quote: 想いの翼よ舞い上がれ… 奥義!遥翔天凰斬![1]
Romanized Quote: Omoi no tsubasa yo mai agare... Ougi! Youshou Ten'ouzan!
Translated Quote: "Soar o' radial wings of wisdom... Ougi! Youshou Ten'ouzan!"


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