Infernal Crescendo (ベンヴェヌート・エンフェルネ Benvenuutoenferune?, "Benvenuto Inferne") is a linked mystic arte used by Ludger Kresnik and Elize Lutus in Tales of Xillia 2. The Japanese mystic arte name, Benvenuto Inferne, translates to "hellish welcome" in Italian.

Arte Description and History

Ludger appears twirling his sledgehammer with one hand in the center of a large magic circle with purple butterflies while Elize and Teepo circle around him. Ludger grips his sledgehammer, and a scythe blade made of pink energy appears out of its hammerhead. He then jumps, and Teepo breathes pink fire at the target from behind the spot where Ludger was. Elize swings her wand and sends even more pink fire at the target. Ludger then lunges toward the target from the air, slashes the target horizontally with his scythe-bladed hammer, and finishes with a diagonal upward slice.

If Ludger has enough affinity points with Elize, the name of this mystic arte can be changed to Blessed Arte the Pink (ピンク・ピンカー・ピンキスト Pinku Pinkaa Pinkisuto?, "Pink Pinker Pinkest"), in reference to Elize's position as a Pro Pinkist, something that also alters the battle quotes.


In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

en:Höllisches Crescendo

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