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The Iselia Human Ranch is located in the Iselia Forest of Sylvarant in Tales of Symphonia. It is led by the Desian Grand Cardinal Forcystus.


Tales of Symphonia


Before the events of the story, Genis Sage goes to the area where the human ranch is on. There, he meets up with an old prisoner named Marble. They get good friends, and they meet up every time the Desians are not looking, whereas Genis will give Marble his lunch he saved from school. He is keeping this a secret to everyone, and it is unknown why he went to the human ranch in the first place.

Meeting Marble

Lloyd Irving travels to the Iselia Human Ranch at the request of Genis to go see Marble, because Lloyd will not let Genis go there alone after the incident earlier. They meet Marble, and Lloyd sees that she has an Exsphere without a Key Crest. Lloyd and Genis agree to make Marble a Key Crest, but then the guards come, and they have to hide. While Marble is being whipped as a punishment for slacking off, Lloyd and Genis sees the scene higher up the cliff, and they make a plan to help her. Genis uses a Fire Ball to distract the guards and get them outside the building, giving the other prisoners time to take Marble to safety. Outside, Lloyd makes the guards follow him from Genis, but the latter falls down while trying to get away. The guards catch this, forcing Lloyd to fight them to not notice Genis. After beating them and sees that Genis has escaped, Lloyd jumps down the cliff, surprising all the new guards, as a normal human should not be able to jump down such a length. Down the cliff, he meets up with Genis and Noishe. Lloyd thinks that nobody saw his face, but little did he know that the Iselia Human Ranch has cameras that caught his face. Because of breaking the treaty, as well as suspecting Lloyd's inhuman strength to be from an Exsphere, Forcystus goes to Iselia the day afterward.

Giant Kharlan Tree Rampage

When the Giant Kharlan Tree went on rampage, the team heads back to Iselia Ranch to stop Forcystus and save Chocolat. When they see that the opening is closed, they plan on climbing up the hill again, but Kratos Aurion uses his wings to fly over the fence and open it. When they are inside, they have to split into two groups, one who can deactivate the mana reactor and one to take the prisoners away. After going through a Sorcerer's Ring challenge of light, the meet Chocolat and save her. When she looks unsure at Lloyd, Lloyd tells her that she does not need to consider herself saved by him, but by Colette Brunel, the Chosen of Mana. After this, they face Forcystus, whereas he reveals that he is one of the few Desian Grand Cardinals that know of Derris-Kharlan's existence. Kratos explains that Forcystus thinks that the Desians can go to Derris-Kharlan if the world is destroyed, something that will not happen because Yggdrasill thinks of Desians nothing more but helping toys. Later, they meet in battle, and Forcystus is defeated. However, they are not able to finish him, for he falls down into the mana reactor.

After managing to stop the mana feeding to the Giant Kharlan Tree, they go outside the building, where they meet up with the other half of the group. However, Forcystus appears and shoots a ray at Lloyd. He says that as a Desian Grand Cardinal, a fall like the one he did would not kill him. After realizing who Kratos is, he is disgusted that he would betray Cruxis, even though Yggdrasill trusted him. Then he shoots a new ray at Chocolat, but Colette jumps between them and is hit instead. Out of rage, Lloyd kills Forcystus, and then Colette's sickness is revealed. When Lloyd sees the green shoulder, Kratos orders him to send the signal to Sheena Fujibayashi, who is waiting at the Mana Cannon to shoot the Kharlan Tree. Although Lloyd is worried, Kratos assures him that she will not die just yet, but if he does not send the signal now, the world will.

After the Kharlan Tree is down, Kratos talks to Yuan through a machine. Kratos reveals relief that they managed to stop the tree, but Yuan expresses his disappointment, since his intention was not to end like this. When Lloyd looks at Colette, she is in a shocked state, repeating herself about how gross she is. When Lloyd tries to come closer, she screams him not to touch her before she looses consciousness. Although Lloyd wants to help her, they decide to take Colette back to Iselia. When Genis expresses his doubts, Raine Sage tells him that Colette's home is in Iselia, and they need to give the prisoners a place to be for the time being.

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

Footfalls of Tomorrow

Although the Iselia Human Ranch is in ruins, it is still possible to enter there, though it is believed to be haunted, and monsters are wandering around freely. When the sequel's new protagonists, Emil Castagnier and Marta Lualdi, go over there to look for an Iselian boy named Paul, they enter a strong fog. Emil suddenly feels a monster close, but Marta is unable to hear anything. Suddenly, however, a monster appears, and they fight it. Upon the monster's defeat, the fog disappears. Marta is impressed that Emil could sense a monster not even Tenebrae saw coming. Tenebrae says that it may be because Emil is beginning to get more into the role as a Knight of Ratatosk, but Marta tells Tenebrae not to push Emil into a title he never asked for.

When inside, Marta and Emil talk to each other about the little fight they had at Iselia Chapel, whereas Emil tells Marta that the Emil she likes is not the true Emil; the real him is a coward and not very considered of feelings. Marta denies this, saying that even though she thinks he is irritating at times, he is really a kind person. When they finally find Paul deeper in the ranch, they encounter a monster which attacks them. Emil is about to get crushed by it when trying to save Paul, but is saved when Raine from the original game is introduced and saves him with a Photon. When the monster is about to strike back, she tells them to fight along with her if they think they are able to. After defeating the monster and punishing Paul for acting so stupid, she introduces herself and thanks them for saving Paul, a stranger they hardly know.

Part of the past

In a sidequest, it is possible to see Alice and Decus in the ranch, looking for Exspheres for Alice’s machine that makes her able to control monsters. It is then revealed that Decus used to be weak before he got an Exsphere himself, and that Alice’s parents were killed by monsters in a pilgrimage they were forced to take by the Church of Martel.

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