Game Tales of Phantasia
Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon (X)
Race Demon
Occupation Commander of Dhaos's Army

Ishrantu (イシュラント Ishuranto?) is a minor antagonist in Tales of Phantasia and supporting character in Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon. He is a demon serving under Dhaos, leading both his ground forces and air units during the Valhalla War. Despite being a wyvern-like demon, he is capable of speaking human language. Ishrantu is first encountered in a battle on the ground but forced to retreat, only later to be killed by Cress Albane and Arche Klein in an aerial battle. In his Narikiri Dungeon appearance, he is the guardian of Jotunheim, the land of giants, and gives Dio and Mell the "Fortune" upon being bested in battle.


Ishrantu Sprite (ToP SFC).png
Sprite in Tales of Phantasia (SFC). 
Ishrantu Sprite (ToP PSX).png
Sprite in Tales of Phantasia (PSX). 
Ishrantu Sprite (ToP GBA).png
Sprite in Tales of Phantasia (GBA). 
Ishrantu Sprite (ToP-ND).png
Sprite in Narikiri Dungeon. 

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