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Jude Mathis
Jute Jude Mathis
Game Tales of Xillia
Hometown Leronde
Age 15 (ToX)
16 (ToX2)
Height 5'4" / 163 cm
Race Human
Weapon Bracers
Japanese Voice Actor Tsubasa Yonaga
English Voice Actor Sam Riegel[1]

Jude Mathis (ジュード・マティス Juudo Matisu?) is one of the two main characters in Tales of Xillia. He is a medical student training in the royal city when he is engulfed into Milla Maxwell's adventures.


Jude's hometown is Leronde, where his parents own a clinic. When he was small, he wandered to a dangerous place and was injured. Due to this incident, his friends changed their impression toward him. According to his mother, he has always been a soft-hearted person ever since he was a child, which was why he was bullied all the time.

He learned martial arts while still young. His childhood friend, Leia Rolando, often asked for a duel, which resulted in Jude's defeat each time. Jude's parents rarely pay attention to him due to their professions as medical doctors. This treatment causes Jude to believe that his parents live only to work, which he strongly dislikes. Feeling neglected, Jude decides to leave Leronde and head to Fennmont, and study there.

In Tales of Xillia 2, Jude explains that his father was actually part of Exodus, a terrorist group in Elympios. However, he met Jude's mother, a resident of Rieze Maxia, and decided to run away from the group.

Appearance and Personality

Status image of Jude in Tales of Xillia.
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Jude is usually calm and composed, but can get into trouble due to his meddling personality. He is a very diligent student in Fennmont, and was offered an opportunity to become an apprentice medical doctor after graduation by a professor in the school. Jude is also a very dedicated person; despite his young age, he follows Milla in the hopes that he may be of some use to her. He adores Milla, and is a great friend to all his companions, being both insightful and forgiving. In a skit in Tales of Xillia 2, he mentions that he changed his hairstyle and attire to fit Elympios's environment.

Fighting Style

Jude prefers melee-based combat over weaponry, primarily utilizing his fists as weapons with the aid of bracers, making him the second lead male in the Tales series to utilize martial arts, following Senel Coolidge. He also possesses a few, minor healing skills similar to Farah Oersted and Regal Bryant. Jude's special skill is "Snap Pivot", which allows him to dodge an attack and appear behind the enemy for immediate counterattacking. His primary stat for his Lilium Orb is Agility, granting him the ability to dash across the battlefield at breakneck speed and make quick work of enemies. Jude's characteristic skill as the secondary partner in linking is "Restore", in which he heals the primary partner should he or she be knocked down at any point. Jude is best utilized against Power-type monsters who frequently knock allies down.


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