Kamoana (Human)

Kamoana (Therion)

Game Tales of Berseria
Hometown Haria
Race •Human (former)
Therion (current)
Japanese Voice Actor Tomoyo Kurosawa

Kamoana (モアナ?, "Moana") is a supporting character in Tales of Berseria. She is the daughter of a devout priestess of Amenoch who is receptive to Innominat's power and therefore used by the Abbey in their plan to revive the Empyrean.


Kamoana's mother, who refused to adhere to the Abbey's religious control, went in search of her daughter at the Palamides Temple but never returned. When the group goes to investigate, they find the mother-turned-daemon and are forced to fight her, realizing only later that she is the missing priestess. In the second confrontation with the daemon, the mother feeds herself to her therion daughter, a Treant-like, daemon-eating creature that the group subdues through battle. Defeated, the therion reverts to a humanoid form, revealed to be Kamoana, the priestess's daughter, and cries for her "missing" mother before the group decides to take her with them while they attempt to uncover the truth behind the Abbey imprisoning daemons in certain places.

Eleanor Hume takes a prominent, motherly role in caring for Kamoana from this point forward, helping the child overcome her distraught over her "missing" mother and mutated appearance. Taking Kamoana with them aboard the Van Eltia, the group eventually leaves her at Titania, where she adjusts to the other crewmembers, particularly Medissa, who, having lost her own daughter in a similar event, takes on the motherly role for Kamoana. At the end of the story, Medissa marries Dyle and adopts Kamoana, having resumed her human form, as their daughter. She represents the "greedy" type of malevolence.


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Artwork for Tales of Asteria.