Loegres (ToB)
Game Tales of Berseria
World Desolation
Region Midgand
The capital of the Holy Midgand Empire. Site of the royal castle, the Abbey's headquarters, and a cathedral dedicated to the Empyreans.

Loegres, Jewel of the Empire (栄光ある王都 ローグレス Eikouaru Outo Rooguresu?, "Glorious Royal Capital Logress") is a location in Tales of Berseria, the capital of Midgand, and the home of the Abbey, as well as the original headquarters of the exorcists. It eventually becomes the city of Pendrago in Tales of Zestiria.


Loegres is a city teeming with exorcists, who are held in high regard by its citizens. Notable constructs include the castle of Loegres and the immense Grand Cathedral, which is still undergoing construction. The Grand Cathedral still stands centuries later during the events of Tales of Zestiria as Pendrago's shrinechurch.


The majority of Loegres's citizens greatly idolize Artorius Collbrande for his efforts in fighting against the daemons and even chide him for overworking, unaware of his dreadful past. However, others lament the inflexibility of rules set by the Abbey, citing imposed curfew and difficult to obtain permits as examples. The citizens are also shown to have immense faith in the Empyreans, singing high praises for them and visiting the Cathedral to worship them.

Artorius is granted his title of Shepherd in Loegres by Prince Percival Yil Mid Asgard of Midgand in a ceremony that is publicly celebrated. A prominent shadow guild known as the Bloodwing Butterflies, led by Tabatha Baskerville, operates in Loegres. The guild is shown to hold significant power in the city's affairs by being able to prepare legitimate permits for Velvet Crowe and having members among the city's guards.

When Velvet and her party first arrive in Loegres, the city's high priest, Gideon, has succumbed to corruption and is identified as a threat by the shadow guild for selling a highly addictive substance: nectar. High Priest Gideon is eventually assassinated by Velvet's group when they chase him into a therionized griffin imprisoned beneath the church. The death of the High Priest is covered up by the Abbey, who claims that he is merely recovering from a debilitating illness, and his misdeeds go unannounced.


  • Like other locations in Tales of Zesitria and Tales of Berseria, Loegres draws its name from Arthurian legend. It comes from Logres, the name of King Arthur's realm.

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