Maou Shakumetsujin (ToI-R)

Maou Shakumetsujin as it appears in Tales of Innocence R.

Maou Shakumetsujin (魔王灼滅刃?, "Devil Miraculous Destroy Blade") is a mystic arte used by Ruca Milda from Tales of Innocence.

Arte Description and History

The attack begins with Ruca rising into the air, surrounded by a glowing light as he focuses his hidden inner powers. He slashes down into the ground with a sword wreathed in flame and continues with two wide slashes to the left and right. Ruca follows through with a powerful thrust through the enemy, then turns around to repeat the thrust once more. In Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave, after the second thrust, Ruca turns around and swings his sword horizontally at the targets in front of him, unleashing a powerful heat wave around him.

In Tales of Innocence, Ruca transforms into the embodiment of his past life, Asura, wielding his legendary blade, Durandal, while performing the attack. Although his appearance changes, his voice remains as that of his human self. In all of his later appearances in spin-off titles, he does not undergo this transformation.

In the PlayStation Vita remake, this mystic arte's animation has been modified from its original form. Ruca raises his sword and dash toward the enemy. Before attacking, a magic circle appears, allowing Ruca to transform into his past life, Asura. As Asura, he delivers three consecutive slashes, continuing with a fourth slash in which Durandal is engulfed in flames. Finally, he delivers the final strike before returning back to his human self.[1]


Maou Shakumetsujin (ToVS)

Maou Shakumetsujin as it appears in Tales of VS.

Mothership Titles

Escort Titles

Mobile Titles

Fan-Translated Names

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of Innocence

Japanese Quote: 天を統べる覇者の証 魔王灼滅刃![2]
Romanized Quote: Ten wo suberu hasha no akashi! Maou Shakumetsujin!
Translated Quote: "I will prove to you that I am the supreme ruler of the heavens! Maou Shakumetsujin!"[3]


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