Marvelous Fountain (マーベラスファウンテン Maaberasufaunten?) is an advanced-level spell exclusive to Patty Fleur in the PlayStation 3 port of Tales of Vesperia.

Arte Description and History

A massive geyser erupts from the ground, affecting a large portion of the battlefield and knocking down all enemies. The water from the geyser then falls back to the ground in the form of a misty shower while a glyph appears on the field, restoring a large amount of HP and TP to all party members. The geyser can actually miss an enemy due to its cross-shaped effect area, but this does not affect the healing effect of the spell. The spell cannot be accessed normally through the menu or shortcuts, as it is cast randomly as a result of Gamble Cast. Marvelous Fountain can be accessed with a rare chance only if Gamble Cast is used while Patty is either in "Brainel" or "Critical" form.


Mothership Titles

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