Mary Argent

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Mary Argent
Mary Argent (ToD PSX)
Game Tales of Destiny
Hometown Cyril
Age 24
Weight 119 lbs / 54 kg
Height 5'7" / 170 cm
Race Human
Weapon Axe / Sword / Spear
Japanese Voice Actor Yuri Amano
"Mary" redirects here. For the character from Tales of Xillia 2 with the same name, see Mary (Tales of Xillia 2).

Mary Argent, known as Mary Agent (マリー・エージェント Marii Eejento?) in Japan, is a playable character in Tales of Destiny. In the original PlayStation version of the game, Mary joins the party as a required member during early parts of the game, but after a specific point in the story, Mary's services as a party member are either removed or become fully optional, based on a divergent plot element in the game which depends on the player's actions. In the PlayStation 2 remake of Tales of Destiny, Mary remains with the party as a permanent member.


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Suffering from amnesia, 24-year-old Mary is not aware of her last name due to an unknown event in her past. She is usually quiet and does not show much emotion, but she can fly into a wild frenzy during battle. Her partner, Rutee Katrea, uses Mary for her own financial gain.

Appearance and Personality

Mary is a dark-skinned woman with great strength and a fiercely imposing stature. She has magenta-colored hair, bound into a long and bushy ponytail and held in place with a white headband. Her attire consists of a maroon armor top with protective shoulder pads and a green, sarong-style piece underneath that extends downward, while her legs are primarily exposed.

Contrary to her amazon-like bold exterior, Mary is actually rather submissive and often clueless about her surroundings. Due to her memory loss, Mary has no goals or ambitions, and she eagerly follows the actions and decisions made by Rutee without objection. Her attention tends to drift at times, however, causing her to focus on things that are entirely irrelevant to a given situation just because they are shiny or cute. She will chase after these things, which causes frustration on Rutee's part when Mary wanders off instead of focusing on her task. However, Mary is fiercely loyal to her partner, and she will protect Rutee from any danger at the risk of her own life. It is during battle that Mary's inner beast expresses itself, manifested through her berserk rage directed toward her opponents, and she will aggressively combat her enemies without remorse. Upon the conclusion of any battle, Mary reverts to her subdued nature, perplexing others with her drastic shift in personality.

Fighting Style

Mary has no Swordian, but she is a strong physical attacker who relies on axes in the PlayStation 2 remake of the game, although the original release allows her to use other powerful weapons such as swords and spears. Her fighting style focuses largely on a hybrid of slash-based and strike-based attacks, in which she bashes the enemy with destructive force while simultaneously using her weapon to cleave the enemy.


Mary Status (ToD PSX) 1.png
Mary's first status image in Tales of Destiny (PSX). 
Mary Status (ToD PSX) 2.png
Mary's second status image in Tales of Destiny (PSX). 
Mary (ToD PS2).jpg
Mary's official artwork for Tales of Destiny (PS2). 
Mary Status (ToD PS2).jpg
Mary's status image in Tales of Destiny (PS2). 
Mary Cut-in (ToD PS2).PNG
Mary's cut-in image for Tales of Destiny (PS2). 


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