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This article contains contents that are not localized in North America or Europe.
The following contents have not been released in the English language and are based on data from the Japanese version of this game. Details are subject to change at any given time.
Game Tales of Berseria
Height 165 cm
Race Human
Occupation Exorcist
Weapon Orb
Japanese Voice Actor Nobuo Tobita

Melchior (メルキオル Merukioru?) is a major antagonist in Tales of Berseria. He is a legate elder from the Abbey who is well-versed in the ancient legends and a master in alchemy. His years of experience places him as an adviser for Artorius Collbrande, the head of the Exorcists.

Appearance and Personality

Melchior is an elderly man with fair skin and a gray beard. His attire is comprised of a uniform befitting of the Abbey and his status within it: a long beige coat, black pants, and a large, extravagant hat, which is beige on the bottom and teal on the top. This same teal is mirrored in a sash he keeps wrapped around the torso of his coat. Melchior recognizes the importance of the Exorcists' missions and that they cannot always be accomplished through good deeds, and to that point, is willing to do unpleasant deeds. Though mostly a support to the organization with strategy and resources, he himself is a powerful arte-wielder.

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