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Game Tales of the Abyss
Hometown Cheagle Woods
Race Cheagle
Weapon Sorcerer's Ring
Japanese Voice Actor Miki Maruyama
Character Designer Kousuke Fujishima

Mieu (ミュウ Myuu?) is a young cheagle from the Cheagle Woods in Tales of the Abyss. Cheagles, considered holy by the Order of Lorelei, normally live in herds in forests, but fate brings him to join Luke fon Fabre and the others on their adventure. The Sorcerer's Ring Mieu wears around his waist allows him to communicate with humans and breathe fire. As the story progresses, he gains the ability to tackle objects and fly as well.


Mieu was the cause of the fire that burned down the forest north of the Cheagle Woods, angering the ligers that lived there. Normally, young cheagles do not have the ability to fully breathe fire, but Mieu, having recently discovered his ability, was unable to control it. As a result, the ligers moved into the Cheagle Woods, and forced the cheagles to supply them with food or be hunted themselves. In order to meet these demands, the cheagles stole from the people of Engeve. Mieu accompanies Luke fon Fabre, Tear Grants, and Ion to serve as a translator, so that they may communicate with the Liger Queen. Afterward, Mieu is exiled from the tribe to serve Luke for a full cycle of the seasons.


Luke fon Fabre - Toward the beginning of the journey, Luke did not get along with Mieu, treating him horribly and giving him the name "Thing". At one point, Luke even thought Mieu was female. However, Mieu believed in Luke and remained obedient toward him. Mieu was also the only one who stayed willingly with Luke after the destruction of Akzeriuth. Mieu calls Luke "Master" throughout the story, and eventually, Luke grows closer to Mieu, considering him a valuable ally and friend.


Anime Concept Mieu.jpg
Mieu's concept artwork for the Tales of the Abyss anime. 
Mieu (ToV).png
The symbol representing Mieu for Summon Friends in Tales of Vesperia. 


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