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Mika Artwork (ToM-ToB)
Game Tales of Mobile: Tales of Breaker
Age 16
Height 155 cm
Weight 43 kg
Race Human
Weapon Twin Sabers
Japanese Voice Actor Rena Yukie
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Mika (ミカ?) is the heroine of Tales of Mobile: Tales of Breaker. She lost her parents and older brother at the age of five and currently lives with her grandfather, Claus.

Fighting Style

Mika fights similarly to most traditional Tales sword-wielders, possessing long-standing artes such as Demon Fang and Tiger Blade. She also has access to one mid-tier spell, Splash. Due to the beast transformation element that plays into a significant part of her backstory, she has the largest number of Jenes Migrate (JM) skills obtainable among the cast. All of her JM forms invoke five of the six available elements.


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