Mileena Weiss
Mileena Weiss
Game Tales of the Rays
Age 18
Height 162 cm
Weight 42 kg
Race Human
Occupation Mirrist
Japanese Voice Actor Haruka Terui

Mileena Weiss (ミリーナ・ヴァイス Miriina Vaisu?) is a character in Tales of the Rays.


Born into a family of mirrists, talented Mileena has been polishing her skills as one ever since she was young. She is Ix Nieves's childhood friend and has a motherly personality, acting like an older sister to him and doing various favors for him such as cooking. Her feelings are profound, and she holds a face that easily imbues emotions onto others. While Ix can be negative, Mileena is as positive as she can possibly be. Although she tries her best to hold dignity as the older one, she has a tendency to become gentle toward Ix.


Mileena Weiss.png
Alternate artwork. 
Mileena Icon (TotR).png
Game icon. 
Mileena Cut-in (TotR).png
Cut-in image. 

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