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Mintche (ToE)
Game Tales of Eternia
World Inferia
Region Southwestern Continent

Mintche, the Town of Academia, is a location in Tales of Eternia. It is located on Inferia's southwestern continent, along with Rasheans and Regulus Dojo. The city's most prominent feature is the prestigious Mintche University, though it also holds a variety of shops, a library, a cafe, and a port. The "Craymel Ball" minigame is available here, and Katrine is first encountered here.



Mintche University was founded by Andrew Leonoa and specializes in Craymel research. One of the game's protagonists, Keele Zeibel, is a research assistant in the Light Craymelology department. Other departments include Fire Craymelology, Wind Craymelology, and Water Craymelology. The entrance exams are notoriously difficult, and only the elite are granted admittance. Mt. Mintche lies southwest of the city and is home to the Mt. Mintche Observatory, where the group first meets Keele, and Nostos Cave can be found to the southeast. The Rasheans River is located to the west.

Role in the Plot

The group arrives in the city looking for Keele and manages to gain entrance to the university. However, upon entering the Light Craymelology laboratory, Meredy's Elara reacts with the experiment, causing an explosion. Dean Carlyle orders the group to leave, but a student named Zank, who knows Keele, pulls them aside and informs them that Keele has been expelled from the university for spreading his theory of World Chain Destruction based on dark matter, which is later discovered to be thought of as a sign of Seyfert's second coming. Zank says that Keele is at the Mt. Mintche Observatory but that he may refuse to see them. Undaunted, the group goes to find him.


Mintche University (ToE).jpg
Mintche University
Mintche University (ToE).png
Mintche University

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