Mirrage Artes (魔鏡技 Makyougi?, "Magic Mirror Artes") are an arte type in Tales of the Rays. They are similar to mystic artes seen in other Tales games.


Mirrage artes are powerful abilities granted by mirrages, used at the expense of the entire Mirrage Gauge. Using a mirrage arte increases the Mirrage Ratio (ミラージュレシオ Miraajureshio?) for the remainder of a quest, which in turn increases the strength of subsequent mirrage artes. Like mystic artes from previous titles, mirrage artes are primarily used as powerful attacks, but they can also be supportive. Every damage-focused mirrage arte can be enhanced to recover a portion of user's maximum HP, adding to the overall usefulness. Mirrage artes can also be chained to each other; attempting to activate one will put it in a queue to be used immediately after the current mirrage arte finishes. Chained mirrage artes are capable of continuing a combo. Enemies are also capable of performing mirrage artes, but they are unable to KO with them, leaving their targets with a minimum of 1 HP.

Currently, there are five types of mirrage artes:

  • Reward Mirrage Artes (報酬魔鏡技 Houshuu Makyougi?, "Reward Magic Mirror Artes"): Obtained by completing scenarios and thus essentially free, they have a low amount of power and cannot be upgraded.
  • Normal Mirrage Artes (通常魔鏡技 Tsujou Makyougi?, "Normal Magic Mirror Artes"): They are the standard mirrage artes.
  • Seasonal Mirrage Artes (季節魔鏡技 Kisetsu Makyougi?, "Seasonal Magic Mirror Artes"): Similar to the summons mirrage artes but carrying a seasonal motif, they often come with a myriad of effects and varying Mirrage Gauge costs.
  • Battle Mirrage Artes (決戦魔鏡技 Kessen Makyougi?, "Decisive Battle Magic Mirror Artes"): More powerful than the standard summons mirrage artes, they have their maximum potential unlocked when they are maxed. Most of these mirrage artes contain references to late-game events from the mirrage's game of origin.
  • Overray Mirrage Artes (オーバーレイ魔鏡技 Oobaarei Makyougi?, "Overray Magic Mirror Artes"): Even more powerful than the standard mirrage arte, they allow the user to gain additional effects after a use, which differ depending on the anima, but require a large of expense of Mirrage Gauge.