Mystic Drive (ミスティックドライヴ Misutikkudoraivu?) is a burst arte used by Rita Mordio in Tales of Vesperia.

Arte Description and History

Once activated, Mystic Drive consists of a giant glyph appearing beneath the enemy that summons rising energy in the middle. The second level has columns of red energy added to the effect. The third level then creates orbs of light that rise and fire rays of red light. As with most of the playable characters' burst artes, it comes with four altered artes: Fire though the passive skills "Hell Fire" and "Chain", Earth through "Athenor" and "Crucible", Wind through "Gale" and "Alembic", and Water through "Great Deluge" and "Dispersion". The altered artes consist of the following:

  • Fire: Raging Drive (レイジングドライヴ Reijingudoraivu?) changes the energy into fire, while the rays of red light are replaced with lances of flame.
  • Earth: Ruinous Drive (ルーイナスドライヴ Ruuinasudoraivu?) uses the energy to force stone spire to erupt in a ring. The second level causes stones to rise in the center of the effect, while the third drops a giant boulder.
  • Wind: Fleeting Drive (フリーティングドライヴ Furiitingudoraivu?) creates winds that cause all trapped within to rise upward. The arte ends with gales of wind slashing through in higher levels.
  • Water: Diffusional Drive (ディフュージョナルドライヴ Difyuujonarudoraivu?) summons liquid bullets that rise into the air. The second level then creates a twisting combination of several columns in the center, which the final level completes with a giant bubble falling down.


In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes


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