Nebilim's Crag

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Nebilim's Crag
Nebilim's Crag (TotA)
Game Tales of the Abyss
World Auldrant
Country Malkuth Empire
Region Sylvana
Ruler Peony Upala Malkuth IX
A stone wall located in the depths of Mt. Roneal that is covered in a mysterious fonic glyph. Gives off an ominous fonic power.

Nebilim's Crag is an isolated cavern near Mt. Roneal that houses the sealed Gelda Nebilim in Tales of the Abyss.


Nebilim's Crag is partially hidden within the Roneal mountain rage, distinguishable only by a large split in one of the mountains. It is accessible only after the group obtains the "Refined Flightstone" from a puzzle-like portion of Mt. Roneal. Inside, there is a fonic glyph that was used to seal away Nebilim sometime before the events of the story.


In N.D. 1991, an accident occurred when Nebilim, in search of Catalyst Weapons, failed an experiment at Mt. Roneal, which resulted in the deaths of many Oracle Knights. Years later, Jade Curtiss accidentally killed Nebilim in an attempt to use the Seventh Fonon. However, before her death, Jade used fomicry, believing he could save her in doing so. The experiment failed, and a murderous replica Nebilim was born instead. Because of the destructive nature of the replica, Malkuth's forces sealed her away within the crag.

Many years later, Luke fon Fabre and his companions travel to the crag to uncover the mysteries of the "Planetary Fonic Arte", having obtained all six of the Catalyst Weapons. The God-General Dist appears, hoping the group will proceed with their curiosity and fulfill his life-long goal in the process. Upon placing the weapons before the fonic glyph, Nebilim is released, gaining the missing elements of Rem and Shadow she required. The group defeats her, and before she is able to recover in the fonic glyph, Jade utilizes a portion of the "Planetary Fonic Arte"'s power to destroy her.

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