Game Tales of Legendia
Race Deity

Nerifes (ネルフェス Nerufesu?) is the will of the sea, as portrayed in Tales of Legendia, usually acting through a proxy called the Merines, who, during the course of the story, is revealed to be Shirley Fennes. An unnamed Merines is also mentioned, though never seen.


Nerifes is portrayed as a divine entity, in that, the Light element is referenced as Sea in Tales of Legendia. There are two entities on Shining Blue called "Nerifes", the first being that which leads the Ferines, the will of the great ocean, and another, smaller Nerifes within the hull of the Legacy called the Fallen Lands. They are first referenced as the Raging Nerifes and the Quiet Nerifes by Will Raynard.

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