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No Items Ever! (ToD PS2)

No Items Ever! as it appears in the PlayStation 2 remake of Tales of Destiny.

No Items Ever! (アイテムなぞ使ってんじゃねぇ! Aitemu nazo Tsukatten ja nee!?, "Don't Use Items!") and Item nazo Hirotten ja nee (アイテムなぞ拾ってんじゃねぇ Aitemu nazo Hirotten ja nee?, "Don't Pick Up Items") are Barbatos Goetia's mystic artes for punishing item use.

Arte Description and History

No Items Ever! begins, not as an arte, but as a phrase that appears across the top of the screen when using items while fighting Barbatos Goetia. Barbatos's fights are tricky because he responds to different player maneuvers with artes that cannot be interrupted; in this case, he responds to item use with Shadow Edge extending into Bloody Cross.

It first appeared as an arte in the PlayStation 2 remake of Tales of Destiny, where Barbatos makes a mad dash toward the user of an item, damaging and knocking down any allies that get in his way, grabbing them before slamming them into the ground. He then swings his axe upward, lifting his opponent to the sky as he eventually finishes them with a mighty jumping axe uppercut. It is considered a Blast Caliber.

No Items Ever! (ToV)

No Items Ever! as it appears in Tales of Vesperia.

It reappears in Tales of Vesperia as the Killer of Heroes's mystic arte, where he runs toward the foe, grabs them by the neck, then throws them to the ground. He then pummels the helpless foe into the floor with his foot before uppercutting them into the air with his axe. In the PlayStation 3 version's Team Arena, the recipient of an item use is targeted, rather than the user; however, items which affect all party members and magic lenses will still cause Barbtaos to target the user of the item.

It later reappears in Tales of VS., modified as "Item nazo Hirotten ja nee", which translates roughly to "Don't Pick Up Items". Instead of being activated when one uses an item, this is activated when a character picks up an item, which can be a major threat when an item spawns above the character and they accidentally pick it up, triggering the arte. The change can be attributed to the PvP aspect of the game, as the traditional activation method could be too easily avoided in competitive play. It can only be used during Over Limit, similar to other playable mystic artes, though its activation criteria is unique to it.


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