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Organica is the world in which Tales of Hearts takes place, being part of the Triverse multiverse. The planet has two moons: Minera, the White Moon, and Gardenia, the Black Moon.


The majority of events throughout the story take place on Organica. Two millennia before the present day, Minera was in a state of war with itself, and Organica's inhabitants were used by the Minerans as a food source for organic weapons called xeroms. The xeroms were designed to attack Spiria, the crystalline essence of a person's emotions, and either destroy or infect them with an ailment known as despir. Some Minerans who sympathized with the Organicans' plight and wished for peace provided them with weapons to fight off the xerom, called Soma.

In the present day, after Minera was destroyed, the xerom continue to threaten the people of Minera, as well as the people who bear Soma and fight the creatures are called Somatics. Other remnants of the Mineran civilization left on the planet include the airship fortress Mysticete, mostly known to the Organicans as the "Forest of Thorns", and mechanoids, machines with synthetic Spiria who acted as guardians to important Minerans. During the events of the story, Organica is under the united rule of the Maximus Empire, which waged a war against the world's other factions eighteen years prior in a conflict known as the War of Unification.


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