Peridot Harmotome
Peridot Harmotome
Game Tales of Hearts
Age 19
Race Organican
Occupation Crystal Knight
Weapon Daggers
Japanese Voice Actor Sakura Nogawa
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Peridot Harmotome (ペリドット・ハミルトン Peridotto Hamiruton?, "Peridot Hamilton") is a minor antagonist and later a protagonist in Tales of Hearts. She is a member of the Crystal Knights, working in conjunction with Pyrox Ferro in serving under the orders of Chalcedony Akerman.

Appearance and Personality

Peridot is a small woman with fair skin, green eyes, and long, pink hair. Her attire consists of a white and pink uniform bearing a black skirt and a red, emblemed torso that matches Pyrox. Like Pyrox, Peridot starts off antagonistic, but is slowly revealed to have a familial relationship with their captain, Chalcedony.

Fighting Style

In battle, Peridot is agile and thorough with her two daggers. Her arte repertoire consists of German-themed strike artes and Fire-elemental magic artes.


  • Peridot is derived from the mineral of the same name.

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