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Presa (ToX)
Game Tales of Xillia
Tales of Xillia 2
Age 22
Height 5'6" / 168 cm
Race Human
Occupation Member of the Chimeriad
Weapon Book
Japanese Voice Actor Rina Satou

Presa of the Hundred Spells (百術のプレザ Hyakujutsu no Pureza?), formerly known by her birth name, Jill Lewin (ジル・ルーイン Jiru Ruuin?), or her former alias, Mink (ミンク Minku?), is one of the major antagonists in Tales of Xillia. She serves under King Gaius as a spy for the Chimeriad.



Presa was born in Auj Oule. Her father was a Rashugal archeologist, and her mother was from Auj Oule. Presa spent her childhood moving from town to town due to her parents' line of work, and as a result, did not have any friends but her books. Her life was nevertheless uneventful until her sixteenth birthday, when her parents did not come home. Instead, Auj Oule soldiers forced their way in her inn room, arrested her, and submitted her to harsh questioning. She learned that her father was a spy, and that her mother was a traitor helping him. After a thorough interrogation, the charges against her were dropped. The fact that her parents abandoned her when they were discovered caused her to resent them.

Presa (ToLink)

Artwork for Tales of Link.

Presa was then taken in by the Aktau tribe and made to work in the Rats. The Aktau tribe specializes in spy work, and the Rats are a special unit made exclusively of women, who use their charm and bodies to gather information. They are not well-regarded, even within the tribe, and are often looked down upon in contempt. Her life in the Rats was hard, but she was well-aware of what she was getting involved in when she joined.

Five years before the events of the story, she was sent to Fennmont as a spy, using the alias "Mink" and working as a receptionist in Talim Medical School. She met Alvin three months after her arrival and attempted to gain his trust in order to obtain information from him. As a result, the two grew close and began an intimate relationship. Her life with him was peaceful, far from the stress of her missions, where failure could cost her and her comrades dearly, and she fell in love with him.

Around half a year later, she decided to betray the tribe and revealed her identity and that of her colleagues to him. However, he sold them to the Rashugal military. She was caught and tortured, while all her colleagues were killed. Hurt and angry, she managed to escape and later made use of the connections she had made through Alvin to return to Fennmont. She tricked countless nobles and soldiers into giving away classified information and reported it all back to the Aktau tribe to prove her usefulness and avoid assassination.

It is during that time that she met Agria, who targeted one of the nobles she was with at the time. She took Agria in, and the two worked as a team, spying on Rashugal for Auj Oule. Three years before the events of the story, King Gaius heard of Presa and decided to seek her out. Presa left the Rats and joined Gaius's personal guard, taking on the name Presa, the "fang" of the Chimera. By his side, Presa finally found peace and stability again. She had, at last, found a true place for herself, for none of the tribes would ever harm anyone who serves Gaius.

Role in the Plot

Three years later, she is sent to Fennmont to assist Agria in stealing the Lance of Kresnik. However, the Lance's activation key is stolen by Milla Maxwell before Presa reaches Fennmont, and she seeks Milla out in order to retrieve it. She eventually traps Milla at the Kijara Seafalls and recovers the activation key from her, but she does not recognize the new shape of the key and tosses it aside. She then interrogates Milla to find out what she knows about the weapon, only to be interrupted by Jude Mathis and Alvin, who save Milla by shooting at a "Greater Demon" disguised as a rock, hoping the arrow would irritate it, which succeeds. During the ensuing fight, Presa flees to avoid the monster's wrath. She is later seen with her fellow Chimeriad ally, Jiao, and two other men overlooking the village of Nia Khera and discussing her failure while they plan their next move.

Presa (ToCE)

Artwork for Tales of Card Evolve.

In Kanbalar, Presa arrives to report that Rashugal troops have attacked the town of Hamil, and the citizens were frozen or captured. She attempts to prevent Milla and her friends from escaping the city, during which she is joined by her superior, Wingul, and the two proceed to fight the group, albeit losing. The two are later accompanied by Jiao as they fight against Milla and her friends again at Fezebel. After the battle, Alvin spares her life because Jude urges him to, but she quickly informs Jude that he will regret his decision. After the demise of Jiao, Presa, along with Gaius, Agria, and Wingul, act as a diversion to reclaim Gaius's castle and capture one of Exodus's airships.

When Alvin briefly joins them after Milla's death, Presa knows that he will turn his back on her again, but she does not mind, because it will mean that he has finally realized where his place is. At this point, she no longer hates Alvin and is able to say goodbye to him with a smile, because he is not alone anymore, a feeling she had come to know and love when she found her place within the Chimeriad. Presa falls to her death, along with Agria, when an earthquake causes the ledge they are standing on to collapse, shortly after being defeated by the group.

Appearance and Personality

Presa has long, light-pink hair and pink eyes. She wears a revealing blue, ninja-like outfit and glasses. Her attire has a tail, which spirit artes enable her to move freely. Her outfit assists her in arte casting, allowing her skin to be in contact with the humidity in the air. The arm caps and knee pads on her attire are designed like fox heads. Presa has an alluring personality and mocks her enemies in and outside of battle. When Alvin is involved in any particular situation, she tends to lose her complacency, because she remembers how he exploited her and her comrades, but she nonetheless remains focused on the task at hand. She speaks with a soft and seductive voice.

Fighting Style

Presa Cut-in (ToX)

Cut-in image for Dragonmare Brood in Tales of Xillia.

Presa has the ability to channel spirits and uses a book and her "tail" as weapons. She provides support as a healer; uses offensive magic, primarily Water-elemental spells like Splash and Diffusional Drive; and is able to link artes with Wingul and Agria. She can also use the arte Guardian Field to heal herself and any ally of hers within range, while dealing damage to her enemies. Other unique artes of hers include Foxtail Allure (ハニーコーム?, "Honeycomb"), which confuses her enemies, and Queen's Torment (クイーントーメント?, "Queen Torment"), which stomps her foes. Another of her artes, Dragonmare Claw (ドラゴネス・ハンド?, "Dragoness Hand"), utilizes her spellbook to summon a dragon's claw from within its pages. Her arcane arte is Dragonmare Head (ドラゴネス・ヘッド Doragonesu Heddo?, "Dragoness Head"), which summons the head of a dragon spirit that breathes water, and when in Over Limit, activates her mystic arte, Dragonmare Brood, which summons two dragon spirits that encircle and damage the enemy.


  • Presa's birth name, Jill, derives from Julia, the maiden of Pluie Rouge, which is the week in which she was born.
  • Each member of the Chimeriad is named after a body part of the Chimera, a giant monster from legend. Presa translates to "fang" in the game's lore.
  • Presa is Portuguese for "fang", coincidating with the meaning of her name from the game's lore, but also means "prey".
  • In Tales of Xillia 2, the player can acquire Presa's model as a skin for the party by buying it from the vendor in the Illusionary Darkness.

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