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Primula Rosso
Primula Rosso
Game Tales of Fandom Vol.1
Hometown Inferia City
Residences Mintche
Height 159 cm
Weight 45 kg
Race Inferian
Japanese Voice Actor Miki Nagasawa

Primula Rosso (プリムラ・ロッソ Purimura Rosso?) is a character in Tales of Fandom Vol.1.

Appearance and Personality

Primula is an energetic young girl from the capital city of Inferia; despite this, she is a commoner. She moved to Mintche in order to attend Mintche University and hopefully pursue a better future. Despite the high standards of the school, she is unexpectedly able to keep her good records with her ability to memorize things well. She is a bright student of Mintche University, and she is always curious about the things around her. However, she does have a tendency to space out and dream off whenever there is class. She loves reading detective novels and hopes that one day she can start a detective office with Keele Zeibel, as well as have a "Detective Department" in Mintche be approved. She also loves to cook and brings with her a homemade lunch she made herself everyday to school.


Primula Portrait (ToF1).gif
Portrait in Tales of Fandom Vol.1.