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Quickness (クイックネス Kuikkunesu?) is a recurring support spell in the Tales series. It increases the target's movement speed in battle.

Arte Description and History

In Tales of Xillia and Tales of Xillia 2, this move manifests as two blue spheres spiraling down onto the target and conjuring a blue whirlwind upon the contact with the ground. In Tales of Zestiria, it manifests as two green spheres briefly spiraling around the target, then touching it at the same time, which results in a green whirlwind bursting from the character. In Tales of Berseria, it manifests as two green spheres dropping onto the target and conjuring a green whirlwind upon the contact with the ground. In Tales of Zestiria, this arte is Wind-elemental, heals the target's HP, and cures the "Fatigue" status ailment. In Tales of Berseria, this arte is Void-elemental, heals the target's HP, and cures the "Slow" status ailment.


Mothership Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of Xillia

Localized Description: "Temporarily boosts the movement speed of a chosen ally."

Japanese Quote: 悲壮例活!クイックネス!
Romanized Quote: Hisou reikatsu! Kuikkunesu!
Localized Quote: "Come, spirits! Quickness!"

Tales of Zestiria

Localized Description: "Restore HP to an ally, removes Fatigue and increases movement speed for a limited time. Higher seraphic arte of Concentrate."

User: Dezel
Japanese Quote: 戦場じゃ鈍い奴から死んでくぞ!クイックネス!
Romanized Quote: Senjou ja noroi yatsu kara shinde ku zo! Kuikkunesu!
Translated Quote: "On the battlefield, the slow one's die! Quickness!"
Localized Quote: "The slow are good as dead! Quickness!"

Alternate Japanese Quote: 速さを上げる!獲物は逃がさん!
Alternate Romanized Quote: Hayasa wo ageru! Emono wa nigasan!
Alternate Translated Quote: "Raise my quickness! The prey's got nowhere to run!"
Alternate Localized Quote: "Gimme speed! You're mine!"

User: Zaveid
Japanese Quote: 俊足、流転、軽快サクサク行こう!クイックネス!
Romanized Quote: Shunsoku, ruten, keikai sakusaku ikou! Kuikkunesu!
Translated Quote: "Speed and agility, go with the flow! Quickness!"
Localized Quote: "Let's get some speed up in here! Quickness!"

Alternate Japanese Quote: 俊足、流転、軽快爆ぜるぜ!クイックネス! 
Alternate Romanized Quote: Shunsoku, ruten, keikai hazeru ze! Kuikkunesu!
Alternate Translated Quote: "Burst with speed and agility! Quickness!"
Alternate Localized Quote: "Faster, stronger, harder, better! Quickness!"

Tales of Berseria

Localized Description: "Restores a small amount of HP to one ally, removes a slow effect, and temporarily increases movement speed."

Japanese Quote: 痛みを忘れ、疾走しろ!クイックネス!
Romanized Quote: Itami wo wasure, shissou shiro! Kuikkunesu!
Translated Quote: "Forget pain, get moving! Quickness!"
Localized Quote: "Forget the pain and move! Quickness!"

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