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Quoi Woods
Quoi Woods (ToV)
Game Tales of Vesperia
World Terca Lumireis
Region Ilyccia

The Quoi Woods (クオイの森 Kuoi no Mori?) is a forest area in Tales of Vesperia, located northwest of Deidon Hold and southwest of Halure, that serve as an alternate route when traveling north due to the "Lord of the Plains". It is also known as the "Forbidden Woods" due to a variety of myths surrounding the forest.


Yuri Lowell, Repede, and Estelle first enter the forest by the advice of Mary Kaufman, leader of the Fortune's Market. Despite Estelle's ambivalent attitude toward passing through the forest due to rumors of it being "cursed", Yuri reassures her, and they continue. After reaching about midway through the forest, Estelle unknowingly activates a nearby blastia and collapses due to an overtake of aer. When she awakens, Yuri offers to prepare a meal and introduces the concepts of cooking to her, so the trio rest for a while longer and eat. Toward the end of the forest, they encounter a young boy attempting to kill an eggbear monster. After introducing himself as a member of the Hunting Blades guild, he accompanies the trio out of the forest. Unknown to the group, a mysterious man with a glowing sword deactivates the nearby blastia.

The group later returns to find the two remaining ingredients for a panacea bottle that would restore Halure's giant tree to life. After managing to locate the ingredients, Karol uses a piece of nia fruit to disguise his scent and lure out the eggbear, which succeeds. The group defeats the eggbear and removes its claw to take back to Halure and concoct the remedy. As they are leaving the forest, they hear the nearing Schwann Brigade, so Yuri covers the trail, and the group retreats back to Halure.


  • One of the Giganto monsters, "Chimera Butterfly", is located here.

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