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Ramrus Qualls
Game Tales of the Tempest
Race Leymon

Ramrus Qualls (ラムラス・クオールズ Ramurasu Kuooruzu?) is a character in Tales of the Tempest who raised Caius Qualls. After the Spot attack on Fern Village, he revealed to Caius that he is not his true father, but that his true father is still alive. He also told Caius that his mother, Lady Melissa, entrusted Caius into his care. He was then arrested by the prosecutors and brought to the city of Janna.


To escape from the Black Knights, who were preventing them from escaping Janna, Caius and the party jumped off the river surrounding Janna. Caius, Arria Ekberg, and Ramus were separated from the group and wound up on an unknown shore. There, they encountered Rommy, who used her magic to forcefully transform Ramus into his Leymon form, and make him attack Caius and Arria. Caius and Arria were able to defeat him and suppress the magic controlling him, but after the battle, Rommy used her magic once again to turn Ramus into stone, ending his life.

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