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Recover (ToD PSX)

Recover as it appears in Tales of Destiny (PSX).

Recover (リカバー Rikabaa?) is a traditional spell that cures physical ailments. In recent games in the Tales series, it is one of the first support spells obtained.

Arte Description and History

This spell is one of the later support spells obtained by Mint Adenade in Tales of Phantasia. It is considered the superior version of Antidote, as it can heal nearly any kind of physical ailment. As the series progressed, Recover eventually became the first status recovery spell to be learned, replacing Antidote.

In Tales of Symphonia, by using this spell repeatedly, Raine Sage will eventually learn Purify or Restore, depending on which technique branch she is heading toward. In Tales of the Abyss, if Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear uses this spell within a fully charged Wind or Light FOF Circle, it will become Purify instead. In Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology, after a class has mastered this spell, it is possible for them to learn Purify. This was removed in the second installation. In Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, the spell is influenced by the Water element and will thus influence the Elemental Grid if used.


Mothership Titles

Recover (TotA)

Recover as it appears in Tales of the Abyss.

Escort Titles

Recover (ToX2)

Recover as it appears in Tales of Xillia 2.

Mobile Titles

Fan-Translated Names

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of Phantasia (SFC)

Japanese Description: 法術の一つ。毒、マヒ、石化の状態を回復させる
Romanized Description: Houjutsu no hitotsu. Doku, mahi, sekka no joutai wo kaifuku saseru
Translated Description (DeJap Translations): "Removes allies' status ailments (e.g. Stone, Paralyzed)."[1]

Tales of Destiny (PSX)

Localized Description: "Neutralizes the effects of poisoning, paralysis, and petrification from an ally."[2]

Tales of Phantasia (PSX)

Translated Description (Absolute Zero): "Cure one ally of poison, paralysis, or stone."

Tales of Eternia

Localized Description: "Cures abnormal status of an ally. Lightning Arte."[3]

Tales of Phantasia (GBA)

Japanese Description: 味方一人の毒、マヒ、石化の状態を回復させる
Romanized Description: Mikata hitori no doku, mahi, sekka no joutai wo kaifuku saseru
Localized Description: "Cure Poison, Paralysis, and Petrification for one ally."[4]

Tales of Symphonia

Localized Description: "Healing (mid): heal a party member's physical ailments."[5]

Localized Quote: "Are you okay? Recover!"

Tales of Legendia

Localized Description: "Healing: Heal an ally's Status Effect."[6]

Tales of the Abyss

Localized Description: "Fonic Arte (mid): Cure both magical and physical ailments of one ally."[7]

Japanese Quote: 穢れを浄化せよ、リカバー!
Romanized Quote: Kegare o joukaseyo. Rikabaa!
Localized Quote: "Cleanse the defiled. Recover!"

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology

Localized Description: "Magic: Cure one ally of a Physical Ailment."

Tales of Vesperia

Localized Description: "Mid: Cure one ally of all Phyical Ailments."[8]

Localized Quote: "Foul affliction, begone! Recover!"

Tales of Graces

Localized Description: "A healing arte that cures one ally of all physical ailments."

Localized Quote: "With this name, all curses are cast into oblivion. Recover!"
Alternate Quote: "Without a trace! Recover!"

Tales of Xillia

Localized Description: "Purifying bubbles cover an ally to heal them of all status ailments."

Japanese Quote: 清浄回帰!リカバー!
Romanized Quote: Seijou kaiki! Rikabaa!
Localized Quote: "Purify the soul. Recover!"

Tales of Xillia 2

Localized Description: "Purifying bubbles cover an ally to heal them of all status ailments."

Localized Quote: "Heal us. Recover!"


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