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This article contains contents that are not localized in North America or Europe.
The following contents have not been released in the English language and are based on data from the Japanese version of this game. Details are subject to change at any given time.
Royal Shield
Game Tales of Rebirth
Leader Ladras Lindblum (former)
Agarte Lindblum (current)
Notable Members Four Stars
Dark Wings
Headquarters Balka

The Royal Shield (王の盾?, "Shield of the King") is a military unit comprised entirely of Force users in Tales of Rebirth.



Operating under the direct control of Callegea's royal family, the Royal Shield is separate from the Callegean army and serves solely to protect the royal family, as well as carry out direct orders from members of the royal family. Eugene Gallardo defines the Royal Shield's purpose as using "their special abilities to aid the royal family by acting as bodyguards" and "carrying out special missions in secret". As the name implies, members of the Royal Shield literally shield the royal family. Eugene also states that the Royal Shield also subjugates Force users, making allies before they become enemies. The Royal Shield has four head officers known as the Four Stars: Saleh, Tohma, Walto, and Militsa. Although the Royal Shield is almost exclusively of the Gajuma race, Saleh is Huma, and Militsa is a Half. Around sixth months prior to the events of the story, Eugene was the commander of the Royal Shield, with Mao being one of his subordinates, but an incident forced him to withdraw from his position and leave the Royal Shield altogether.

Role in the Plot

At the beginning of the story, Agarte Lindblum, now considered Queen after the death of her father, King Ladras Lindblum, orders the Royal Shield to retrieve beautiful Huma girls in all major cities of the kingdom. The Four Stars head this operation, frequently causing confusion and disorder in the cities they visit. This scheme is later revealed to be the result of Agarte's naivete under the manipulation of her adviser, Zilva Madigan, also part of the royal family, though this relation is never stated specifically. Members of the royal family possess the Force of Moon, which allows them to switch bodies with another person. Agarte loves the commander-in-chief of the Callegean national forces, Milhaust Selkirk, who fails to reciprocate her feelings due to the difference in their race, as he is Huma and she is Gajuma. Agarte feels that if she can switch bodies with a beautiful Huma girl, Milhaust may reciprocate her feelings. After Agarte's semi-unsuccessful attempt at doing so, Zilva usurps her position and begins commanding the Royal Shield in her place.


Current Members

  • Four Stars - The four head officers of the Royal Shield: Saleh, Tohma, Walto, and Militsa.
  • Dark Wings - A novice group of Force users hired by the Royal Shield: Ginnal, Yucia, and Drumb.
  • Donnell - A minor antagonist in the game's plot who attempts to kill the group at Climbers' Cavern.
  • Hilda Rhambling - Part of the Royal Shield only due to Tohma's influence, as he promised her a "pure" body that would relieve her of her Half heritage. Upon realizing this promise was false, she leaves the Royal Shield.

Former Members

  • Eugene Gallardo - Former commander of the Royal Shield.
  • Mao - Served under Eugene after being found in Callegea Castle with no memories of his past.


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