Sakura Blast (桜牙爆砕斬 Ouga Bakusaizan?, "Cherry Fang Burst Smashing Slash") is an arcane arte used by Pasca Kanonno and Kanonno Earhart from the Radiant Mythology series of games.

Arte Description and History

Kanonno first uses Sen'ouka to inflict damage on the enemies around her before slamming her broadsword down and pulling it out to use Destruction. In Tales of Link, Pasca can use a variation called Sakura Blast (Spring) (桜牙爆砕斬・春楼 Ouga Bakusaizan Shunrou?, "Cherry Fang Burst Smashing Slash: Spring Tower") to reflect her spring theme, while Earhart can use one called Sakura Blast (桜牙爆砕斬・煌 Ouga Bakusaizan Kou?, "Cherry Fang Burst Smashing Slash: Sparkle") to reflect her summer theme.