Sands of Kogorh

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Sands of Kogorh
Sands of Kogorh (ToV)
Game Tales of Vesperia
World Terca Lumireis
Region Desier

The Sands of Kogorh (コゴール砂漠 Kogooru Sabaku?, "Kogorh Desert") is the central desert located between Mantaic and Yormgen on Desier in Tales of Vesperia. It is described as a blazing desert stretching to the end of the horizon, with temperatures dropping to below zero at night.


The group first arrives in the Sands of Kogorh in order to save the parents of a boy named Alph and his sister, Layla. Once the group finds a cactus, Yuri Lowell suggests using the Sorcerer's Ring, which allows the group to obtain water without harm. After refilling their canteens, the group continues their trek through the desert, waning from the intense heat. When asked how she became familiar with the desert, Judith states she and Ba'ul once lived in a mountain town to the north, so she often visited the desert. Soon, the group begins to run low on energy; however, Karol Capel notices a nearby spring, which refreshes the group's energy and water supply. Shortly afterward, the group discovers Alph and Layla's parents, collapsed from heat exhaustion. Estelle quickly heals the couple, and the group lends their water-filled canteens to them. Agreeing that the couple should not travel back to town alone, the group continues forward with them.

Suddenly, the group hears what appears to be a large bird, so Yuri warns the couple to stay on guard in case a fight ensues, to which they agree. Near the edge of the desert, Judith senses something wrong and warns the group to remain careful. After hearing the screech again, Estelle realizes it is not Phaeroh, whom they had previously been searching for, and Yuri agrees. Suddenly, a dark void opens before the group, revealing a strange creature. Although Karol suggests the group should retreat, the creature approaches, leaving the group no choice but to fight. After the monster is defeated, it vanishes. Estelle then notices a feather fall from the sky, and shortly afterward, the group begins collapsing due to heat exhaustion. Before Yuri succumbs to the heat, he notices a town in the distance, as well as the dragon that appeared in the Weasand of Cados, and he suspects it to devour him and the group. However, completely unaware to the group, the dragon carries them to the nearby town.


  • One of the Giganto monsters, "Medusa Butterfly", is located here.

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