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Game Tales of Link
Age 16
Height 157 cm
Weight 45 kg
Japanese Voice Actor Shiori Mikami
Character Designer Daigo Okumura

Sara (サラ?) is a character in Tales of Link. She is a new adventurer who has set out from her village to pursue her goal. She meets Lippy on her journey, and together, they search for the Savior.

Appearance and Personality

Sara is young girl with a strong sense of adventure. She hair fair skin, blue eyes, and dulled pink hair tied in a side ponytail by a lime-green cloth. Her unusual attire consists of a red vest and matching sleeves, leaving her shoulders exposed. This flashy ensemble is accompanied by a small top covering her breasts and black bloomers, with her midriff obstructed by some leather straps that hold some form of carrier on her hip. Her legs are mostly covered with grayish-white stockings that reveal her thighs and calves, while her blue, white, and orange boots complete her look.

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