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Final Fury (殺劇舞荒剣 / 殺劇舞荒拳 Satsugeki Bukouken?, "Kill Drama Dance Rough Sword/Fist"[1]), also named Assassin and Fatal Fury, is an arcane and mystic arte used by several characters in the Tales series.

Arte Description and History

In Tales of Phantasia Remake, Cress Albane learns to use the arte when he levels up to over Level 100 while his S・D weapon is equipped. To use the entire arte, the player has to press these buttons in order while the attack is occuring: O, X, Up+O, Down+X, Up+SQUARE, O, O, and Down+SQUARE. It should be noted that Satsugeki Bukouken is classified as a base arte in this game, despite its requirements.

In Tales of the Abyss, this arte is a mystic arte used by Anise Tatlin. It can be performed by using an arcane strike arte and holding down the X button while in Over Limit mode. Anise must have the AD Skill "Special" in order to use it. Anise's doll, Tokunaga, punches the opponent multiple times and eventually leaps into the air, where it then launches a blast of energy at them. She has two quotes for this arte; one normal, and one alternative which will be used if Luke fon Fabre and Jade Curtiss are not in the battle and Ion is not with the party. If the player holds down the X button throughout the arte in later playrounds, it can be extended into Dying Moon (十六夜天舞 Izayoi Tenbu?, "Sixteenth Night Heaven Dance"[1]). In Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2, Izayoi Tenbu is used to identify Anise's mystic arte, although the arte itself is a combination of these two artes.

In Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, Final Fury: Hungry Wolf (殺劇舞荒拳・貪狼 Satsugeki Bukouken: Donrou?) is a variant of the typical arte, used by Regal Bryant. Regal dives down, creating a fissure and then kicks the enemy about nine times, finishing with a back kick.

In Tales of Hearts, the arte is a mystic arte that can be used by Amber Hearts. Amber kicks and smashes the enemies with her rod a dozen times or so, then kicks them down to the ground, ending with a spin and smash kick.

In Tales of Xillia, the move is a mystic arte that can be executed by Jude Mathis while in Over Limit mode and activated by using Savage Roar while holding the "Attack" button.


Mothership Titles

Tales of Destiny - Stahn Aileron (Assassin)
Tales of Phantasia (PSX) + Full Voice Edition - Cress Albane
Tales of Eternia - Farah Oersted (Fatal Fury)
Tales of the Abyss - Anise Tatlin (Final Fury)
Tales of Destiny (PS2) + Director's Cut - Stahn Aileron
Tales of Hearts - Kohaku Hearts
Tales of Xillia - Jude Mathis (Final Fury)
Tales of Innocence R (VITA) - Kohaku
Tales of Xillia 2 - Jude Mathis (Final Fury); Link Mystic Arte: Cress Albane + Stahn Aileron (Final Fury)
Tales of Hearts R - Kohaku Hearts (Final Fury)
Tales of Zestiria - Kamenin

Escort Titles

Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 2 - Stahn Aileron, Farah Oersted
Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 3 - Stahn Aileron, Farah Oersted
Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology - Stahn Aileron (Final Fury)
Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World - Regal Bryant (Final Fury: Hungry Wolf)
Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2 - Monk class, Stahn Aileron, Farah Oersted
Tales of VS. - Stahn Aileron, Farah Oersted, Anise Tatlin, Amber Hearts
Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 - Monk class, Stahn Aileron, Farah Oersted, Amber Hearts

Fan-Translated Names

Tales of Phantasia (PSX) (Absolute Zero): Wild Blade Dance
Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 2 (Kajitani-Eizan): Final Fury
Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 3 (Kajitani-Eizan): Final Fury

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of Destiny

Localized Description: "Uses various normal attacks as a combo attack."[2]

Tales of the Abyss

Japanese Quote: 荒れ狂う殺劇の宴、殺劇舞荒拳!とどめー!
Romanization: Arekuruu, satsugeki no utage. Satsugeki Bukouken!! Todomee!
Literal Translation: O violent gala of murder! Satsugeki Bukouken! The finishing blow~![3]
Localized Quote: "O ravaging tragedy! Final Fury! Let's finish this!"

Alternate Japanese Quote: ヤロー!テメー!ぶっ殺ーす!殺劇舞荒拳!とどめー!
Romanization: Yarou! Temee! Bukkorooosu! Satsugeki Bukouken!! Todomee!
Literal Translation: I'll beat you to death you bastard! Satsugeki Bukouken! The finishing blow~!
Alternate Localized Quote: "I'll kill you bastards! Final Fury! Let's finish this!"[4]

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology

Localized Description: "A rush of slashes that unleash the flames of hell."

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

Japanese Quote: 逃がさん!受けてみよ!殺劇舞荒拳!
Romanization: Nigasan! Ukete miyo! Satsugeki Bukouken!
Literal Translation: I won't let you escape! Try to parry this one! Satsugeki Bukouken!
Localized Quote: "You're not getting away! Final Fury!"

Tales of Hearts

Japanese Quote: 舞い踊れ、桜花千爛の花吹雪!彼岸!霞!八重!枝垂れ!これが私のッ!殺劇舞荒拳!!
Romanization: Mai odore, ouka senran no hanafubuki! Higan! Kasumi! Yae! Shidare! Kore ga watashi no... Satsugeki Bukouken!![5]
Literal Translation: "Dance with me, O blizzard of a thousand blossoms! Even farther! Arise! Enlarge! Decimate! This is my... Satsugeki Bukoken!!"

Tales of Xillia

Japanese Quote: 殺劇! はあああぁぁぁッ! 舞荒けぇえええん!
Romanization: Satsugeki! Haaaaaaa! Bukoukeeeeen!
Localized Incantation: "Strike! Haaaaaaa! Final Fury!"

Tales of Xillia 2

User: Jude Mathis
Japanese Quote: 諦めないよ!天破!地砕!拳砕けても、開く!殺劇、舞荒拳!!
Romanization: Akiramenaiyo! Tenha! Chiha! Kudaketemo, hiraku! Satsugeki, Bukouken!!
Literal Translation: "I'm not going to give up! Break heaven! Break earth! Even these crushing fists, open! Final, Fury!!"
Localized Incantation: "It's time! My fists will open the heavens! Final Fury!"

Event Battle:
Japanese Quote: 何を迷ってるんだよ、ルドガー?!エルは…エルはルドガーの家族だろう?!
Romanization: Nani wo mayotterundayo, Rudogaa?! Eru wa...Eru wa Rudogaa no kazoku darou?!
Literal Translation: "What are you hesitating about, Ludger?! Elle is...isn't Elle your family?!"
Localized Incantation: "Why are you hesitating? Think! Is Elle not family to you?!"

User: Cress Albane, Stahn Aileron

Japanese Incantation:

Cress: 燃え上がれ!紅蓮の刃!
Both: 殺劇舞荒剣!!
Stahn: おりゃりゃりゃりゃりゃッ!
Cress: 任せてくれ!やっ!せいっ!やっ!
Stahn: でえぇぃっ!
Cress: はぁっ!
Stahn: 行くぞっ!
Both: うおおおおぉぉぉっ!!


Cress: Moeagare! Guren no yaiba!
Both: Satsugekibukouken!!
Stahn: Oryaryaryaryarya!
Cress: Makesetekure! Ya! Sei! Ya!
Stahn: Deei!
Cress: Haa!
Stahn: Ikuzo!
Both: Uooooooo!!

Literal Translation:

Cress: "Flare up! Crimson blade!"
Both: "Final Fury!!"
Stahn: "Oryaryaryaryarya!"
Cress: "Leave it to me! Ya! Sei! Ya!"
Stahn: "Deei!"
Cress: "Haa!"
Stahn: "Let's go!"
Both: "Uooooooo!!"

Localized Incantation:

Cress: "Burning crimson blade!"
Both: "Final Fury!!"
Stahn: "Take that and that and that!"
Both: "Now!"
Stahn: "Ready?"
Both: "Haaaaaa!!"


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