Phantom Dragon Flurry (殺撃幻竜陣 Satsugeki Genryuujin?, "Kill Attack Illusion Dragon Position") is a mystic arte used by Senel Coolidge in the Escort Titles in which he appears. Visually, the move is a combination of some of his artes, and it is thematically similar to Final Fury.

Arte Description and History

Senel begins by sending his target upward with an uppercut, similarly to Dragon Blast. He then attacks the enemy after they land with a flurry of punches, as in Wyrm Rush, and follows this with multiple kicks that resemble Swallow Storm. Finally, he draws his fist back, charging a massive amount of power before punching the enemy like in Demon Blast, sending them a great distance away from him.


Escort Titles

Mobile Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3

Japanese Quote: 逃がすかよ!殺撃幻竜陣! しつめええ!!!
Romanized Quote: Nigasu kayo! Satsugeki Genryuujin! Shitsumeee!!!
Translated Quote: "You won't escape! Satsugeki Genryuujin! Dieee!!!"

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