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Game Tales of Link
Age 17 (in human years)
Height 172 cm
Japanese Voice Actor Yuuki Ono

The Savior (救世主 Kyuuseishu?) is the main character in Tales of Link, whose name is chosen by the player. An amnesiac who is suddenly drawn into conflict, he joins up with Sara and Lippy to try and regain his memories while purifying the seeds of ruin. He has the power of stonecanting, which allows him to draw the power from Hero Stones and incarnate heroes to fight for him. In a previous life, he took the name Allen (アレン Aren?) while traveling the world.


Awakened without Memories

One day, the Savior is suddenly drawn into a fight with Caesar and his ruinators. Sara and Lippy thrust a Hero Stone into his hands, and he uses its power to incarnate heroes to fight. His prowess is enough to defeat the ruinators that are with Caesar, who flees. Sara and Lippy give chase, with the Savior along for the ride. The Savior reveals his amnesia to Sara and Lippy, remembering nothing but his name, while the pair explains why they were searching for him. Lippy is a sprite from the Heavens, tasked by his goddess Leonne with finding the savior who can command the Hero Stones. He came across Sara, an adventurer who saved him from trouble and decided to join him on his quest to purify the seeds of ruin, discovering at the same time that her brother, Caesar, is not how she remembered. The Savior decides to join Sara and Lippy in their quest while they in turn try and help him recover his memories.

The trio follows the readings from Lippy's smartphon, which can detect magical disturbances, in hopes of finding Caesar once more. Each disturbance is a seed of ruin they purify with the help of others. Within Libnas, however, they are mistaken for the kidnappers of Luke fon Fabre and are forced to flee. Asbel Lhant gives them refuge and helps them rescue Luke from Agria, but it is only in time for Nidhogg's plans to spark in Sairan. Multiple seeds of ruin sprout within the city, which Lippy's smartphon was unable to detect due to being magically jammed. The Savior, Sara, and Lippy, with the aid of many locals, are able to defeat the ruinators that spawn and prevent Sairan from becoming blightland. They discover that Caesar is a member of Nidhogg, lead by Lilium and tasked with creating blightland. The trio then continue onward to the next seed of ruin, hoping to find Caesar once more.

Envoy in the Past

In a previous life, the Savior is an envoy from the Heavens tasked with sealing the seeds of ruin. Taking the name of Allen while in the human world, he is partnered with another envoy, who takes the name of Zephyr while in the human world, as well as the sprite Lippy. While traveling and defeating ruinators, they save Kana and Sara from trouble and escort them back to Liuse. In Liuse, they learn from Feil that Kana is entrusted by divine revelation to take the power of the Three Goddesses of the Beyond and become the Great Savior who will purify all of the seeds of ruin. Deciding that it is in line with their mission, Allen, Zephyr, and Lippy join Kana in traveling to the various temples and inherit the power of the goddesses, with Sara joining them.

After traveling to various locations, Kana successfully obtains the power of all three goddesses. Back in Liuse, however, they discover that Feil is not who he seems. He is actually a dangerous researcher named Dinan who is wanted for inhumane experiments. Feil experimented on Kana to make her a vessel for the goddesses' power and intends to use her to destroy the world for his own insane ambitions. Though they manage to save Kana from performing the ritual to destroy the world, Feil activates a seed of ruin using the gathered power and creates Nidhogg, who consumes him. During the fight against Nidhogg, Sara takes a fatal blow. Allen and Lippy cast an intricate healing arte that uses parts of their own souls to heal another, while Zephyr distracts Nidhogg and Kana enacts a binding arte using the power of the goddesses. The healing arte is successful, binding the three on the level of their souls, but Nidhogg consumes Kana as the binding arte completes, and Zephyr is also drawn into the seal while Allen shouts Zephyr's true name: Lilium.

Lilium reveals that all of existence is a cycle. After millennia upon millennia, events tend to reoccur, and eventually even lives will take the same shape. In order to escape his prison and save Kana, Lilium formed a pact with Nidhogg to give him the power of the goddesses of the beyond. That power is located within the souls of the Savior, Sara, and Lippy, having been infused in them during their healing arte. Lilium waits for the day when all three are reborn once more and follow the trail of the seeds of ruin to him. Then, he kills them and attempts to steal the power of the goddesses but fails. These events repeat for an unknown amount of time as Lilium attempts to rescue Kana by killing his former partner and companions. Each time, the Savior is reborn in the human world because part of his soul is missing, making him less than an envoy. He does not have amnesia, but, rather, he comes into being fully formed. The cycle continues until the present.

Appearance and Personality

The Savior is a brown-haired man with blue eyes and dressed in an adventuring uniform in various shades of blue and white. He does not speak, though other characters react as if the Savior has spoken at various points. He is brave, friendly, and strong, dedicated to protecting others, especially his friends. He does not show much concern with his lost memories, finding happiness in traveling with others and the new memories it brings.

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