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Game Tales of Link
Age 17
Height 172 cm

The Savior (救世主 Kyuuseishu?) is the main character in Tales of Link, whose name is chosen by the player. An amnesiac who is suddenly drawn into conflict, he joins up with Sara and Lippy to try and regain his memories while purifying the seeds of ruin. He has the power of stonecanting, which allows him to draw the power from Hero Stones and incarnate heroes to fight for him.

Appearance and Personality

The Savior is a brown-haired man with blue eyes and dressed in an adventuring uniform in various shades of blue and white. He does not speak, though other characters react as if the Savior has spoken at various points. He is brave, friendly, and strong, dedicated to protecting others, especially his friends. He does not show much concern with his lost memories, finding happiness in traveling with others and the new memories it brings.

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