This article is based on data from a Japanese-only game.
The following content has not been released in the English language, so details are subject to change at any given time.
Sefina Artwork (ToM-ToC)
Game Tales of Mobile: Tales of Commons
Age 17
Height 163 cm
Weight 48 kg
Race Human
Weapon •Rod
Japanese Voice Actor Shiho Kawaragi
Character Designer Yuu Shiina

Sefina (セフィナ?) is the main heroine of Tales of Mobile: Tales of Commons. She is a 17-year-old girl from the country of Yinfouyang (ユンファヤング Yunfayangu?) who tells of the birth of Jirfiksh, and is therefore traveling to the sanctuary. She lost her parents when her village was burned during the great war. She is sheltered and quiet, but has a good sense of goodness.


Sefina Portrait (ToM-ToC).jpg
Sefina Skit (ToM-ToC).png
Sefina Sprite (ToM-ToC).png

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