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Shikkuu Rensatsuken (ToD2)

Shikkuu Rensatsuken as it appears in Tales of Destiny 2.

Shikkuu Rensatsuken (疾空連殺剣?, "Flurry Chain Killing Sword") is an arcane arte exclusive to Kyle Dunamis from Tales of Destiny 2.

Arte Description and History

Kyle assaults his target with a series of swift blows from his sword, elevating them into the air and concluding with a final strike back down to the ground. In Tales of Destiny 2, the move can be extended into Kyle's mystic arte Zankuu Tenshouken by having the skill enchant "Hi Ougi" (秘奥義?) equipped. In Tales of Link, Kyle originally uses Shikkuu Rensatsuken during a cutscene, but this was changed to Sonic Blast in localization.


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