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The Slave (スレイブ Sureibu?) artes are a set of seraphic artes introduced in Tales of Zestiria.

Arte Description and History

The user conjures several colored spheres that strike the enemy in a spiral and explode in a burst of the same color. These artes inflict non-elemental damage and have a chance of inflicting the "Paralysis" status ailment, but their main use is to steal the target's buffs. Each arte is capable of stealing a specific stat. They are as follows:

  • Strength Regression (アタックスレイブ Atakkusureibu?, "Attack Slave"), which steals physical attack buffs.
  • Guard Decay (ガードスレイブ Gaadosureibu?, "Guard Slave"), which steals physical defense buffs.
  • Mindflayer (マインドスレイブ Maindosureibu?, "Mind Slave"), which steals arte attack buffs.
  • Soul Syphon (レジストスレイブ Rejisutosureibu?, "Resist Slave"), which steals arte defense buffs.
  • Spirit Cage (スピリッツスレイブ Supirittsusureibu?, "Spirits Slave"), which steals accuracy buffs.


Mothership Titles

Mothership Titles

Mothership Titles

Mothership Titles

Mothership Titles

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