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Game Tales of Graces
Weight 86 lbs / 39 kg
Height 4'10" / 148 cm
Weapon Bracers
Japanese Voice Actor Kana Hanazawa
English Voice Actor Cassandra Lee[1]

Sophie (ソフィ Sofi?), referred to as the Child of Fodra by the Little Queen, is the heroine in Tales of Graces. She is a young girl Asbel Lhant meets in his childhood, who has lost her memories and possesses no recollection of her past. Her name was given to her by Asbel; Sophie is derived from the Sopheria flower she seemed fascinated by the first time they met. By the end of the "Lineage and Legacies" story arc in Tales of Graces ƒ, Asbel has adopted Sophie as his daughter, making her full name Sophie Lhant.


Asbel and Hubert Oswell find Sophie sleeping in a flower garden on Lhant Hill. When Asbel calls to her, she awakens, startling the young boys. Sophie becomes fascinated by a passing butterfly and nearly walks off a cliff following it, but is rescued by Asbel. When asks for her name, Sophie is perplexed and unable to answer. Hubert suggests Sophie perhaps has amnesia, so the two take her to Lhant.

After the party defeats Lambda and frees Richard from his control, Sophie observes how Lambda has changed from merging with a hopeful Asbel. She decides this "Lambda" does not have to be destroyed, and everyone is satisfied to have Sophie remain with them. She is seen during the story's ending tending to her Sopheria flowers outside Asbel's manor, where Asbel soon joins her. She tells him of a dream she had where she fell asleep in a flower field and woke up an adult, and this vision makes her wonder if she can grow at all.

Toward the beginning of the "Lineage and Legacies" story arc in Tales of Graces ƒ, Sophie is with Asbel visiting his father's grave at the graveyard in Lhant. After a brief conversation with Asbel, she begins to worry about what will become of her when all her friends die, seeing she is very different from the rest of them and wish to become a human. As she worries, she begins having visions of a strange woman, later revealed to be the Fodra Queen, attempting to convince Sophie to join her to vanquish the loneliness.

In the final battle against the Fodra Queen, Sophie refused to follow her, convincing the Fodra Queen that she is an enemy. After the Fodra Queen's defeat, with Lambda's help, Sophie able to convince the Fodra Queen to find another way to save Fodra. The Fodra Queen them merges with Sophie, giving Sophie some human aspects, such as capable of crying. Sophie decides to live her life as it is since she realizes that she won't be alone as long as Lambda is with her until they reach understanding with Fodra.

After the credits, an older Sophie is seen at Lhant Hill playing with a young boy who looks similar to Asbel but with Cheria Barnes's hair color. She reads him a story about a boy who took care of a "seed" he found. As she tells the story, the tree with the friendship pact is shown, and Lambda's name is carved next to Sophie's, thereby including him in the pact.

Appearance and Personality

Sophie Stats Portrait

Sophie's status image in Tales of Graces.

Sophie is first seen sleeping in a flower field at the top of Lhant Hill by a young Asbel and Hubert. She appears to lack any common sense at first, shown by almost walking off the cliff while chasing a butterfly. Due to her amnesia, Sophie has only basic knowledge of communication, and knows little of anything else, especially emotions; however, as the story progresses, she develops strong bonds with everyone she meets, fueled by her desire to protect those important to her, a trait learned from Asbel. She is often left confused at the more complicated discussions that the party has, and takes many things too seriously. Due to the fact that she does not know much about the world, she is incredibly curious about the world around her often asking the party many questions, though mostly trivial.

Fighting Style

Sophie has two main styles: the Martial Assault Artes (格闘技 Kakutouwaza?, Martial Artes Style), which specializes in unarmed attacks and the Regenerative Burst Artes (再生術 Saiseijutsu?, "Regenerative Burst Style"), which has an equal focus between healing artes and photon-based attacks. Her assault artes have high focus on speed and maneuverability, while her healing burst artes focus more on single-target as opposed to Cheria's area-based ones, while her offensive burst artes are mainly long-ranged techniques that draw inspiration from her friends. In Japanese, the title of those artes contain sounds that are shared with the character they are from, while in English, the techniques directly reference the character's weapons.



Asbel Lhant - During childhood, Asbel and Hubert found Sophie lying in a flower field. It is not long before Sophie becomes very protective toward Asbel and his other childhood friends, going so far as risking her life to protect them. This event in Asbel's life makes him want to change and become stronger so that he will not lose anyone again. As Asbel reaches 18 years of age, Sophie once more appears before him and Cheria as they are attacked by tanks. Asbel acts very protective and caring toward Sophie because of what happened in the past. After Sophie's revelation that she is an artificial lifeform created to sacrifice her life in order to destroy Lambda, Asbel consistently shows his disdain toward the idea. The true extent of Asbel's bond with Sophie is shown to be very deep, as Asbel eventually becomes willing to sacrifice his life to spare Sophie from death. Overall, Asbel's relationship with Sophie is that of a father figure and older brother. This becomes more established when Asbel officially adopts Sophie into the Lhant house, effectively becoming her father. In Drama CD, it's shown that Asbel is overprotective towards Sophie due to her cluelessness, worrying almost to the smallest thing like a doting father does.

Cheria Barnes - Cheria becomes a bit jealous of Sophie when the two first meet, thinking that she may be a rival for Asbel's affection, but does not express it openly. She becomes quite fond of her, realizing that she is actually a friendly person. Seven years later, Cheria acts motherly toward Sophie, which Sophie returns, claiming that she wants Cheria to care for her like a mother would. Unlike Asbel, Cheria is more confident that Sophie could take care of herself.

Richard - Sophie develops a discomfort around Richard when they are reunited seven years later, due to Lambda that lies inside him. It is because of this the two are unable to touch, for it would cause a "burning" reaction. As such, when Sophie tries to offer him a hand after seeing him collapse down on his knees, he rejects her immediately. She becomes saddened by this, dropping her head down in defeat. Sophie often wonders whether she and Richard are truly friends or not due to the distance that is placed between them. In the future arc, they both reconcile, Richard even shares his secret hiding spot with her when she was depressed.

Malik Caesars - Sophie views Malik with much respect, since Asbel does the same. She refers to him as "kyoukan" (教官 lit. "instructor"?), or Captain, despite him not being her instructor, simply because Asbel does as well, which develops into a sort of nickname for Malik, in which all the party members refer to him as such. Sophie often asks Malik questions about things she does not know as she sees him as the most knowledgeable of the group being the oldest. Malik treats Sophie nicely. In some skits, he taught her a song or tell her stories that could help her sleep.

Pascal - Sophie views Pascal as somewhat a role model, often copying her words and actions. Pascal is very fond of Sophie and likes to hug or tease her, that sometimes Sophie respond by either running away from her or let her do as she pleases.

Lambda - Originally made to destroy Lambda, his destruction was the sole purpose for her existence. But once she recovered her memories and began pursuing her original objective, Asbel and the others refused to let her carry it out and tried to talk her out of killing herself in order to destroy Lambda. Asbel is hurt the most as he angrily shouts at her after escaping from Lambda's Cocoon at World's Eye. Later on, when Asbel allows Lambda to merge with him, Sophie discovers that this "Lambda" is different and does not have to be destroyed. Though it is not seen of their new relationship outside of Tales of Graces ƒ, Sophie later comes to put her own trust in Lambda to care for Asbel.


Sophie Groovy Chat.jpg
Sophie's "Groovy Chat" image in Tales of Graces. 
Sophie Cutin.png
Sophie's Blast Caliber cut-in image for Tales of Graces. 
Sophie's cut-in image for Tales of Graces ƒ. 
Sophie's cut-in image for Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3. 
Sophie's Patty Fleur costume. 
Sophie's Tales of Graces ƒ "Future Arc" costume. 
Vocaloid Sohpie.jpg
Sophie's "Miku Hatsune" costume. 
Pinkdress Sophe.jpg
Sophie's "iDOLM@STER" costume (Eri Mizutani, DLC). 


  • Sophie is the diminutive of Sophia, which is derived from σοφία, the Greek word for wisdom.
  • Sophie's "iDOLM@STER" costume is based on the one Eri Mizutani wears in THE iDOLM@STER Dearly Stars. Both characters are voiced by Kana Hanazawa.
  • Sophie is shown enjoying eating crab omelettes to the point that in one downloadable skit for Tales of Graces ƒ featuring Rutee Katrea, Kyle Dunamis, and Judas, she exclaims that she wants all download contents to be crab omelettes.


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