Solar Wind (翔旺神影斬 Shouou Jin'eizan?, "Soaring Vigor God Shadow Slash") is a mystic arte in the Tales series that is exclusive to Kor Meteor from Tales of Hearts

Arte Description and History

Once executed, Kor starts by pointing his Soma upward. He then disappears and reappears behind the enemy, launching it into the air with an upward jump-slash. He then slashes the enemy continuously in midair while appearing randomly around the enemy. When his slashes become quicker and aggressive, mirages of Kor soon appear around the enemy. Finally, Kor appears on top of the enemy and strikes them with a downward stab, along with a lightning bolt from the sky that strikes the enemy several times to the ground.


Mothership Titles

Escort Titles

Mobile Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of Hearts

Japanese Quote: 輝け、俺のスピリアッ!翔旺神影斬!
Romanized Quote: Kagayake, ore no Supiria! Shouou Jin'eizan![1]
Translated Quote: "Shine forth, my Spiria! Shouou Jin'eizan!!"

Tales of Hearts R

Japanese Quote: 輝け、俺のスピリアッ!行け!切さけ!はあ!まだだ!ひゃあ!決める!これで終わりだ!翔旺神影斬!
Romanized Quote: Kagayake, ore no Supiria! Ike! Kirisake! Haa! Mada da! Hyaa! Kimeru! Kore de owari da! Shouou Jin'eizan!
Translated Quote: "Shine forth, my Spiria! Go! Slice through! Haa! Not done yet! Hyaa! This is it! You're finished! Shouou Jin'eizan!!"


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