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Song for Tales of the Abyss
Song for TotA
Catalog Number TFCC-86193
Release Date March 22, 2006
Composers Motoo Fujiwara
Arrangement Motoo Fujiwara
Publishers Toy's Factory
Format 1 Disc, 13 Tracks

Song for Tales of the Abyss is a soundtrack featuring thirteen songs composed by Motoo Fujiwara, lead singer of the Japanese alternative rock group Bump of Chicken, for Tales of the Abyss.

Track Listing

  1. "Tone Song ~Quartet~"
  2. "Meaning of Birth"
  3. "Promise"
  4. "Time to Raise the Cross"
  5. "In Between 1 and 0"
  6. "A Place in the Sun"
  7. "Mirrors"
  8. "Finish the Promise"
  9. "Tone Song ~Song by Tear~"
  10. "Promise ~Live~"
  11. "Karma"
  12. "Abyss"
  13. "Tone Song ~Solo~"


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