Souls (ソウル Souru?) are a gameplay mechanic in Tales of Berseria. Similarly to Spirit Chain from Tales of Zestiria, they govern arte usage. Additionally, they are also essential to performing Break Souls.


The number of Souls that a battle participant possesses determines the number of artes they can chain together and the maximum value of the Soul Gauge (SG), each Soul granting 30 SG. Battle members start with three Souls and can amass up to maximum of five Souls by employing correct battle strategies, mainly stunning their enemies. Collecting "Armory Acerites" and equipping highly enhanced equipment will increase a character's number of maximum Souls and initial Souls they start with in a battle. Collecting some "Ventites" unlocks other possibilities for Souls, and some skills also affect them. When a character or enemy possesses at least three Souls, they can perform a powerful arte known as a Break Soul, which in the party's case, restores the user's HP and BG and provides traits and enhancements unique to each character.

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