Storm Dance (飛燕雷脚 Hienraikyaku?, "Flying Swallow Thunder Leg") is a derivative of the Swallow Dance arte imbued with the Lightning-element.

Arte Description and History

Like Swallow Dance, Storm Dance is an anti-air arte that can be used to hit airborne enemies or to push grounded enemies into the air with a series of kicks, the only difference being that each strike inflicts Lightning-elemental damage, and a single bolt of lightning strikes the enemy on the final kick.

In the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 ports of Tales of Symphonia, Storm Dance is enabled when Regal Bryant is imbued with the capability to deal Lightning-elemental damage, such as through the use of the "Sardonyx" accessory, the Tethe Seal: Lightning arte, a Lightning-elemental weapon, or the "Purple Quartz" item. In addition, the usage count for Swallow Dance must be 200 or more. When these requirements are met, Storm Dance will replace Swallow Dance.


Mothership Titles

Escort Titles

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